Vineyard and Vines

The Vineyard

The Corpuel Vineyard is a very steep hillside. The intense coastal winds and the cold marine air require that the vines struggle to survive and thrive. Pundits say that facing such challenges of climate and terrain often leads to great tasting wine grapes. The vineyard was planted in 2016 and boasts three heritage Pinot Noir clones; Pommard, Vosne Romanee and Swan. The budwood for the Vosne Romanee clone was cut from the vineyard of Ulises Valdez Sr. and is extremely well-regarded.


Sebastopol was once referred to as the Gold Ridge District. The name first came into national prominence thanks to the famed plant breeder Luther Burbank, who bought 18 acres of land in Sebastopol in 1885 to experiment on plants. Goldridge soil is a rare, fine-grained sandy loam, known for its excellent drainage. Goldridge soils are light and fluffy. Some believe the light texture of the soil contributes fine tannins. The clay within Goldridge soil type allows for just enough water retention to feed the vines in an average year. Some believe that Goldridge soil is the gold standard for growing amazing Pinot Noir.


Grape Clones: As in Burgundy, we believe that Clonal diversity is ideal. Top Pinot Noir producers in Burgundy believe that a blend of several clones is better, not only for making great wine, but also for preserving diversity in the vineyard.

  • Swan Clone. Swan is a Heritage clone, named for Joseph Swan, a pioneer of Pinot Noir in Sonoma County during the late 1960’s and 70’s. Where the original vines came from is not clear. Swan never kept any written records, but Mahoney did, and he traced the cuttings from an experimental vineyard in Oakville in 1959 to Martin Ray, who allegedly brought them down from Mount Eden from the “old” Paul Masson vineyards, whereby they initially came over from Romanée Conti. One cannot argue that the Swan clone is a solid choice for cool-climate appellations. It is known to produce bright and rich Pinot Noir, lighter in color than many other clones, with intense aromatics and an elegant, earthy character.
  • Pommard. This Pinot Noir clone produces well-structured Pinot Noir fruit resulting in wine that is high in tannin and dark fruits with a somewhat meaty, character. Considerable spice. Good mid-palate complexity and a luxurious mouthfeel that winemakers are often looking for.
  • Vosne Romanee. VR: Also known as Vosne-Romanne, is a “suitcase clone” originating from a Grand Cru vineyard believed to be one of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti's holdings via Josh Jenson, Gary Pisoni or Ulises Valdez… VR has medium to small berries with rich velvety or silky tannins that produce red fruit flavors of cherry, raspberry and strawberry with floral aromatics.